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Need Chemistry Tutor?

Find the top experienced chemistry Tutor online for you to study chemistry with the help of TutorMitra, Post your Chemistry tutor requirements for free today. Post your chemistry Tutor requirement with us.

Develop an Everlasting Bond with Chemistry

Chemistry is all around us, and knowing chemical processes helps us appreciate the world better. We feel chemistry is for everyone in some way and studying it will help your kids grow not only as a person but as great scientists.


Chemistry may seem strange - most people do not associate chemistry with simplicity, but it is achievable! Kids tend to grasp things faster if they are introduced to the practical experiments of the subject.

We'll always look for new methods to make chemistry interesting and exciting for them. 

It improves your children's resilience and patience by encouraging them to solve issues and come up with fresh strategies to attain success. It increases critical thinking skills and how they operate in different scenarios.


Chemistry makes your children better people who can attain their goals with patience and perfection.

Why Find a Tutor at Tutor Mitra? 

It's simple to gain clarity in chemistry; it's only a matter of getting into the hands of the correct guidance. Tutor Mitra believes in giving your children the attention they deserve.


Chemistry is a discipline that includes named reactions, chemistry formulas, and equations that cannot be remembered but must be understood.  Our qualified private tutor may serve as an excellent guide for a student by giving them the time and attention they require, as well as teaching chemistry equations and theories in a friendly manner.


Our knowledgeable faculty will help in the elimination of topic phobia. We will teach your children the fundamentals as well as the more advanced concepts.


Your child will be introduced to basic concepts before progressing to higher-level topics, allowing them to get a complete understanding of the subject and putting any uncertainties to rest. You can also find Maths Tutors and Account Tutors

How Can We Help?


We have experienced teachers that one requires to understand the complex equations of chemistry. Our teachers are quite aware of the subject and prepare your child according to your need to score good marks.


We are dedicated to the commitment we have made to our students and aren't afraid of stretched hours when it comes to enhancing the students’ understanding.

Individual Focus

Each student is important to us and we understand the way one will grasp a particular topic, and make strategies as per them. We give individual focus to every student


Learning can not be considered complete without evaluation. Hence, we have weekly and bi-weekly tests to evaluate the understanding of the student and this prepares students for the exams

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