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Find an Accounting Tutor to Help You Study Online

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Raj Takhtani (M Com)

Online Accounting Tutor

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Arun Bazari (CA)

Online Accountancy Tutor

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Kvnl Prasanna (MBA Finance)

Online Accounts Tutor

Accounting Equation Concept and its genesis explained

Online Accounting Tutor (Raj Takhtani)

Let’s together embrace accounting

Accounting is fun because it tells us a story. It provides a business perspective and details what has been accomplished so far. It also gives us a glimpse into what the future may bring. Accountants assist in making sense of the statistics and in teaching us how to read and understand this language.


This is how accounting may be enjoyable for your children as well. They will be able to see and measure the effects of previous judgments once they have learned how to read this language.

Why Find an Account Tutor at Tutor Mitra? 

Students are growing more interested in taking tuition lessons. Tutor Mitra lessons enhance the student’s chances of success in subjects like Accounts. 

Every youngster is diverse and has varied grasping abilities. A school teacher may not be able to devote personalized attention to each kid in a classroom of 40-50 students. As a result, enrolling in a tuition class will enable them to receive the attention they require, as the professional tutor can tailor the courses and alter the speed according to the student's understanding abilities.

Our Tutoring Program

Our accounting tutoring programs can assist your child in developing study and learning abilities that will prepare him or her for success throughout their lives.

We believe in considering a kid's weak points, therefore we provide your child with an individualized learning experience that he or she can't always get in a classroom setting, and we make the subject more fascinating for your child by incorporating entertaining and valuable activities which can dispel even your children's most uncleared doubts about subjects like accounting.


How Can We Help? 


We have experienced teachers that requires to understand the complex questions of accounts. Our teachers are quite aware of the subject and the kind of preparation you need to score good marks and crack good exams.


We are dedicated to the commitment we have made to our students and aren't afraid of stretched hours when it comes to enhancing the students’ understanding

Individual Focus

Each student is important to us and we understand the way one will grasp a particular topic, and make strategies as per them. We give individual focus to every student


Learning can not be considered complete without evaluation. Hence, we have weekly and

bi-weekly tests to evaluate the understanding of the student and this prepares students for the exams

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