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Career options for Biology students

Biology is the branch of science that deals with life, about the composition and function of a cell. There are many branches of biology including molecular biology, genetics, cell biology and signaling, biochemistry, etc. But it is broadly divided into two branches which are Botany and Zoology.

Botany deals with the anatomy and physiology of plants. It also deals with the classification and interaction of plants with the environment and with other organisms. It helps us to understand the diseases of plants that are caused by various microbes and how we can treat them as well.

Zoology is the study of the anatomy and physiology of animals. Classification and interaction of other organizations with animals is also a part of zoology. It helps us to understand the diseases of animals and the pathways that are getting affected by the same and how we can rectify them. We also study the evolutionary relationship of animals.

Cell biology deals with the composition and functioning of individual cells. Here we also used to study meiosis and mitosis i.e. the process of cell division. We also study how cells are communicating with each other using different signals.

Molecular biology is the study of cells at the DNA level i.e., how the replication of DNA takes place and how the expression of genes takes place. Broadly we can say molecular biology deals with the central dogma in detail.

Biochemistry is the chemistry of biological systems.

Microbiology deals with the study of the classification and functioning of microbes.

There are many more branches of biology that help us to understand the cell and life in a better way so that we can survive a healthy and long life.

There are many career options for biology students.

1. You can pursue MBBS, in India, and you will have to qualify for a national level exam i.e., NEET to become a doctor.

2. You can pursue a bachelor's, master's, and doctorate and have to qualify for NET to become a professor.

3. After a Ph.D. you can pursue a post-doctoral degree to become a scientist in a research institute.

4. You can also apply to different companies after your master's.

5. After your master's you can do a B.Ed. to become a post-graduate teacher of zoology or botany according to your subjects in masters.

There are many more career options for a Biology student. It is necessary to have biology to become an MBBS doctor because it helps us to understand how cells are surviving.

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